Digitisation, scanning & laser printing


  • Ensures that unique, valuable content is preserved in digital form.
  • It can be a back up in case the original is lost or damaged.
  • If the original is too fragile to be handles it can be put in storage & a facsimile can be made or the information accessed on a disc.
  • It can improve access to collections.
  • Digitilisation can be carried out at the same time as conservation work.


  • In most cases scanning can be carried out without disbinding if the margin is good enough.
  • If the book needs to be disbound this is done by skilled conservation staff.
  • We can scan upto 440mm x 305mm.


  • High quality printing upto 440mm x 305mm.


  • Scanned & digitised and saved to disc or printed.
  • Enlarged or reduced in size.
  • The originals can be safely stored in an archival box.